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What is stump grinding?


We provide precise tree stump removal to domestic and commercial customers. Using our modern grinding machines we can remove stumps of all size down below ground level. This will allow you to replant or turf this area gaining valuable garden space.


Frequently asked questions.


How do you remove the stump?

The Stump grinder helps in the removal of the main tree root ball turning it into mulch and leaving you with an area that can be used again.

What happens to the mulch?

Mulch can be used to great effect around your garden, adding nutrients back to the ground and suppressing weed growth. 

Can you give a quote over the phone? 

Yes, we can. We will need to know the location and access of the stump (Front or rear of house), and the size and type of tree stump it is.   

My tree stump is next to the paving/fence, can you still help?

Yes, as part of the quote process we can come and take a look  at the available access. 

Who are we?


Hi there! I'm Steve.  I have a background in engineering and manufacturing. After working with arborists around the world, I'm back in the UK with a stump grinder to grind out all your stumps.  The removal of stumps will give your garden a new reusable aesthetic, which i look forward to helpling you achieve.


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We love our customers, so feel free to call for a free quote and we will answer you any inquiries about stump removal and the stump grinder used.

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Steve: 07749173735 Tony: 01623484030 For any other tree services contact: www.thearborist.co.uk